DOAJ publishes lists of journals removed and added

One of our improved services to the community is increased transparency. Accordingly, we have decided to publish a list of the journals added to and removed from our directory.

Read the list. [Opens in new tab/window.]

The lists are split over two tabs of the same spreadsheet.

The list of journals removed starts from the beginning of the 2014. Because we were undergoing development, we were unable to ADD new journals for the first quarter of this year. However, we were able to remove journals so, as part of our regular weeding and reviewing, a good number of journals were removed during this time. The list includes journal title, ISSN, date removed and the reason.

The list of journals added starts from 19th March 2014. ALL the journals added after this date have met the NEW criteria as required by our new application form. You can read our press release from 19th March 2014. The list includes journal title, ISSN and date added.

[UPDATE: this document now contains a third sheet/tab showing a list of rejected applications.]

So that the community can easily recognise those journals that have met the new criteria, we will mark them with this symbol:

DOAJ accepted logo

Denotes those journals that have been accepted into DOAJ based on the new, extended criteria

The symbol will appear alongside a journal title in search results and on a journal’s Issues page. We will make further announcements when we are ready with this feature.

As ever, get in touch if you have questions!


UPDATED: 28th August 2014

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10 thoughts on “DOAJ publishes lists of journals removed and added


    You are about to enter data into the new DOAJ application form? You wonder if your journal is prepared well enough to get accepted into DOAJ? You wonder what you need to answer, so that your journal will qualify for the DOAJ? The information is available from different places on DOAJ’s site! Here are my(!) answers:

    What Your Journal MUST HAVE for acceptance

    DOAJ has some general requirements for acceptance. They are checked when DOAJ looks at your journal web page as given with the URL under (2).

    2) “Types of resource: scientific and scholarly periodicals that publish research or review papers in full text.” (Found at:

    2) “Level: the target group for included journals should primarily be researchers.” (Found at:

    2) The link must go to the URL for the specific journal and not to a collection of journals. (Found at:

    4) ISSN (Found at:

    5) EISSN (Found at:

    13) and 16) “If the journal charges authors or authors’ institutions any handling fees, publication fees or similar, the amount should be clearly stated;” (Found at: Note: DOAJ is not asking where this information can be found. So DOAJ has to search itself for this information on your site. Better DISPLAY THE INFORMATION CLEARLY.

    19) Activity: The journal can be included in DOAJ once it has started publishing but “A journal must publish at least 5 articles per year” (Found at:

    34) “The journal must have either an editor or an editorial board with clearly identifiable members including affiliation information.” (Found at: If the e-mail addresses are not online, DOAJ will ask for email addresses as part of their checks. (Found at:

    Quality: For a journal to be included it should exercise quality control on submitted papers through an editor, editorial board and/or a peer-review system. (Found at:

    35) Please select the review process (“None” does not qualify for DOAJ)

    36) “Enter the URL where this information [from 35] can be found.” “This field is optional if you have selected ‘None’ above.” (Found at: (If you have selected ‘none’ in 35 you will not get into DOAJ anyway).

    42) “All the content of the journal you are applying about must be available immediately upon publication.” (Found at:

    42) and 50) “Please take care to identify any possible contradictions between your Open Access policy and your copyright policy.” (Found at:

    Your Journal SHOULD HAVE for acceptance (RECOMMENDED)

    Again: DOAJ has some general ideas. They are looked at when DOAJ looks at your journal web page as given with the URL under (2).

    2) “Content is available article by article, one PDF for each article, and not one PDF per issue.” (Found at:

    2) “Articles will be gathered in volumes, marked with the year the articles were published” (Found at:

    2) “Mark each article with the specific article type.” (Found at:

    2) “Commercials or banner advertising on your journal’s web site(s) … is not in any way offensive” “Blinking and/or moving objects will distract” (Found at:

    10 and 11) “A contact email address.” (Found at:

    36) “Describe the [quality] process clearly on the web site” (Found at:

    36) 37) 38) 42) Information SHOULD be given at the journal level.
    “Please note that all necessary information (by ‘necessary information’, we are referring to the journal’s aims and scope, the clear presence of the editorial board, the author guidelines, the description of the quality control system and the Open Access statement) about the specific journal SHOULD be available at its own URL to make it easier for users to interpret the information correctly.” (Found at:

    You learn from the rest of the questions in the new application form what else is good to have or even to get DOAJ’s Seal. It is important to fill out the form in all detail. Every piece of information you give is stored in the DOAJ for your benefit and for complete information about your journal. Be assured DOAJ sticks to its criteria. Your journal will be accepted for inclusion into the DOAJ, if you fulfill all “MUST HAVE” criteria. But please, do not stop at this point. Make sure, you really have set up your journal well also for the “SHOULD HAVE” criteria and at best even for much more.

    1. Go to the document and toward the bottom of the spreadsheet there should be two tabs, one of which is called ‘Removed’.

  2. How do I access articles about a particular scholar without going through all the articles you people have here?

  3. Could you please provide the list of removed journals in a more durable and visible, and reusable form (e.g. CSV and HTML)? It would be helpful still to see in 5 or 10 years from now what what in DOAJ today.

    1. Hi Jakob, it is our intention to make this list available directly on the web site but it’s on a list of developments. I agree that this information should be archived. We will transfer this to the site (and archive) as soon as we can. Dom

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