17 thoughts on “Some journals say they are indexed in DOAJ but they are not

  1. It’s alarming how blatantly they advertise their support for open access or adherence to its philosophy, only to charge you $35 when you click “read full article.”

    1. Indeed it is. For that reason, we ask members of the community to get in touch with DOAJ should they find a web site that has a different policy or different information to that which is displayed on DOAJ.

    1. Expanded, in alphabetical order and with ISSN where there is one. At some stage, I will move this to a public Google document (spreadsheet) depending on how long this list becomes.

    1. This journal is currently indexed in DOAJ but has yet to submit its reapplication. If it doesn’t submit its reapplication before the end of December 2015, it will be automatically removed from DOAJ.

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