We have improved our XML validation


We are happy to announce that we have improved the features of our xml validation. As an article XML is uploaded to DOAJ from the publisher area we will check to see if the uploaded file meets a number of criteria:

  • Is it actually XML? (have you given us a PDF by mistake?)
  • Does the XML meet the DOAJ article schema requirements?
If your upload doesn’t meet either of those criteria you will get an error message straight away.  It will either tell you we didn’t think the file was XML, or it will give you a message from our validator which identifies the first problem found when validating.
If your file does pass those checks, it will get entered into our upload queue.  You will need to check back on your upload page in a while to see if the upload was processed successfully.  When we process your upload, we carry out some more checks to make sure that the data in DOAJ remains consistent:
  • Do you reference any ISSNs that belong to journals you don’t own?  You can’t attach articles to someone else’s journals.
  • Do you reference any ISSNs that don’t appear in DOAJ at all?  We only take uploads for journals we know about, and your journal records need to contain all the correct identifiers if you want to reference them.
  • Do you reference ISSNs that are owned by more than one user?  Sometimes it’s possible for the DOAJ to think that more than one user has a stake in an ISSN.  In these cases we need to resolve who the true owner is before you can upload.
If any of these situations arise with your file upload, we won’t import any of the articles, and instead record an error against the upload.  When you look at the upload record on the page you will see a link in the Notes column which says “show error details“.  When you click on that it will tell you in what way the articles failed to process, and which ISSNs were causing the problems.
If you see any other error messages on your upload page, you should click on the “show error details” link if it is available.  If not, you should contact us at feedback@doaj.org and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



As you already know, we are recommending up to 10 journals to be indexed for free in ScienceOpen every month.

We are happy to announce the winners of April:

Desert, published by the University of Teheran. This journal publishes articles in ecology, climate change, drought, and desert.

Revista do Instituto Florestal published by the Instituto Florestal in Brazil. This journal publishes articles in Portuguese, Spanish and English in the fields of ecology, conservation, forests, tropical ecosystems and environmental sciences.

Cardiometry, published by the Russian New University. This journal produces articles from cardiology, including topics in medical equipment engineering, hemodynamics, biophysics and biochemistry.

Tobacco Prevention & Cessation, published by EU European Publishing in Greece. This medical journal publishes articles about tobacco, public health, health policy, smoking cessation, and smoking prevention.

If you run a free to publish Open Access journal, participate in the competition today and get indexed on ScienceOpen for free! See the guidelines for indexing here.