Some journals say they are in DOAJ when they are not

Some journal web sites state that the journal is in DOAJ when it is not. Often, the home page carries the DOAJ logo along with logos from other indexing services. Even though we write to these journals, there is no guarantee that they will remove our logo.

I advise the research community to ALWAYS check at that a journal is indexed with us, even if its web site carries the DOAJ logo or says that it is indexed in DOAJ. You can never be too careful and it only takes as long to check if a journal is in DOAJ as it takes to type the journal name into the search box and press Return.

If you spot a journal that is carrying the DOAJ logo but is not indexed in DOAJ, I would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Some journals say they are in DOAJ when they are not

  1. It’s alarming how blatantly they advertise their support for open access or adherence to its philosophy, only to charge you $35 when you click “read full article.”

    1. Indeed it is. For that reason, we ask members of the community to get in touch with DOAJ should they find a web site that has a different policy or different information to that which is displayed on DOAJ.

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